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We develop mission-critical apps using .NET Framework and other Microsoft products. Our MS-based solutions include portals, mobile apps, BI tools, chatbots, data analytics, Dynamics CRM and utilizing Azure cloud services for scale and redundancy. With over 10 years of experience in the system integration field, we have expertise in .NET development for all industry verticals.

Smart Fleet Monitoring Solution for a large logistics provider

The company wanted to cut down on unnecessary expenditures that were piling up due to an inefficient fleet operation.


.NET WPF Services, AngularJS, SQL Server, Azure IoT Hub


DevOps, Azure Development Services, Design, Data Intelligence

Smart Fleet Monitoring Solution for a large logistics provider

Complete Web Content Management Solution for Altra Industrial Motion

The company had been running several websites built on different technologies such as .NET, PHP, and other platforms to manage its 40+ product lines. This made it difficult to display dynamic data from the database and integrate third-party APIs. Content managers and editors also needed to have know of specific CMSs, which made it difficult to control and maintain content on different sites.


UI/UX, Mobility, Marketing automation, Application Engineering

Legacy migration and upgrades for manufacturing firm’s product configurator system

The client had a desktop application based product configurator system built on .NET 2.0. It was a legacy system where additions and improvements had become difficult, and the user interface was not providing an optimal experience. Softweb Solutions helped the firm to migrate this legacy tool to .NET 4.5 MVC architecture. We also enhanced the user interface to provide greater ease of use. SAP integration ensures the sales process is directly linked to a firm’s billing system, which takes the pain out of traditional order processing. Our solution automated its order processing system by removing virtually all manual touch points.


.NET 4.5 MVC architecture, Azure Cloud



Legacy migration and upgrades for manufacturing firm’s product configurator system

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At Softweb, we offer diverse services under our .NET umbrella. You will get a dedicated account manager and team to offer real-time assistance for your entire .NET project execution. We also offer ongoing support and maintenance for .NET projects.

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