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Our end-to-end data engineering services fill that data quality and time gap by empowering your organization’s access to finished, clean and uncompromised data and insights. Softweb Solutions’ data engineering consulting services help you spend less time managing data pipelines. We enable organizations to attain new efficiency peaks in data operations and discover data’s real potential.

Key Partnership for Data Engineering Development


We analyze our clients’ requirements to focus on storage, migration, transformation and data structuring for analytics and reporting using AWS.


Our experts analyze our clients’ entire business model to develop data analytics solutions and suggest the right methods for integrating, transforming, and consolidating data using Microsoft Azure.


We are a data engineering consulting company that uses Snowflake to enable businesses to easily, transform, and deliver data to generate valuable insights.

How Data Engineering Works – Process Flow

How Data Engineering Works – Process Flow

Success Story

Gaining visibility into the entire business operations with a custom report builder

Our client is a healthcare service provider based in the US. Their data resides in disparate locations, making it difficult to access and refresh securely in real-time. They wanted to obtain the right data for the right users at the right time. This will allow the company to address the customized needs of its clients. We offered custom dashboard builder with interactive reports along with ETL, AI and ML solutions.

  • Custom report builder
  • AI and ML implementation
  • Automated authentication of products

Data Engineering tools we leverage for development

Who We Work With

Head of research and competitive intelligence

Head of research and competitive intelligence

Our experts perform thorough competitive analysis using a mix of data capabilities and analytical tools to help the research and competitive intelligence team take data-driven decisions.

Chief data officer

Chief data officer

We work closely with data officers to strategically leverage data by improving the data cleansing process. Our team aggregates data and feeds high-quality inputs into analytics tools to generate better reports.

Chief analytics officer

Chief analytics officer

We assist top management in data-driven decision-making, by generating value through the extensive use of data analytics. Our team meticulously studies the industry-specific challenges to address them with valuable insights.

Sales and marketing leaders

Sales and marketing leaders

We contribute to campaigns’ success by evaluating marketing initiatives and targeting campaigns to extract actionable insights by understanding KPIs from sales and marketing leaders.

Use Cases Across Industries


  • Designing a connected network to enable product intelligence analytics
  • Data Xchange software platform to manage supply chain risk
  • Fault prediction and predictive maintenance
  • Automate quality control through computer vision applications
  • Demand forecasting and inventory management


  • Connected vehicles improve performance, usage, and CSAT
  • Personalized customer targeting via marketing and sales channels
  • Provide real-time feedback to customers using product intelligence analytics
  • Data insights contribute to creating a more sustainable automotive design
  • Reduce equipment failure and enhance quality with predictive analytics


  • Predictive maintenance in fabrication to increase yield
  • Product intelligence analytics to reduce product development (NPD) time
  • Data modernization with cloud adoption
  • Respond to environmental changes with predictive analysis
  • Easily determine the average product life to provide warranties.


  • 5G network performance analytics
  • Data modernization enabled by 5G
  • Global access to data with edge to cloud
  • Data insights can be used to build smart infrastructure investment strategies
  • Big data insights can help with a better understanding of customers’ needs


  • Preventive healthcare enabled by connected devices
  • Remote patient monitoring
  • Remote device monitoring and diagnostics
  • Helping patients pinpoint health issues with genomic research
  • 360-degree solution for patient care


  • Big data insights can be used for dynamic energy management
  • Preventive equipment maintenance
  • Data-driven analytics tools can aid in asset performance optimization
  • Predictive outage detection
  • Personalized recommendations and suggestions for customers

Transform your business with Softweb Solutions’ data engineering pipeline

A data-driven approach will rule the future. We empower data-driven decision-making.

About Us

Softweb Solutions’ data engineering team employs a 360-degree approach to offer holistic data engineering services and solutions. Our team of qualified data engineers builds data pipelines that gather, process, store, and help access the right data at the right time to help you make timely business decisions. We:

  • Build data architecture with extreme simplification and minimalism
  • Construct a data model that amplifies decision-making processes
  • Rekindle the spirit of data-inspired operations through data integration
  • Leverage data engineering technologies for data-driven decision making
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