Data Analytics

AI and Data Intelligence

Capture untouched business opportunities through smart data analytics

Softweb’s data analytics services help companies identify potential opportunities to streamline operations and gain competitive advantages.

Artificial Intelligence

AI Models

AI models to optimize your business,
your workforce and your products

Accelerate your business with our wide range of AI models. We constantly make these AI models smarter through tweaking, learning and adding more data.



Promote business growth by transforming data into intelligence

Organizations have mountains of data, but only few know how to use it efficiently. Our adept team of data engineers, data scientists and ML experts help to turn your data into smart insights.

Bots and Cognitive

Bots and Cognitive

Transform customer experience with
AI-powered cognitive chatbots

We develop AI-powered chatbots and offer cognitive services which include computer vision, natural language processing, speech recognition, text analytics and automation.