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Softweb Solutions is a leading web and mobile app development company with expertise in designing next-gen app development services using Flutter application development. Flutter is an open-source web and mobile app SDK that supports both iOS and Android platforms. Using Flutter, we help to build dynamic feature-loaded apps for mobile, web and desktop using a single codebase.

We implement a comprehensive end-to-end approach to design the ultimate web and mobile-based business-ready apps. This results in quick launches and updates, giving our clients the ability to respond to the evolving market. Leveraging a mobile cross-platform app development approach, our dedicated and skilled Flutter app developers match the capabilities of the highly reliable user interface framework and help in creating high-quality native interfaces on cross-platforms within minutes.

Hire Flutter Developers

Hire Flutter Developers

To build high-quality mobile apps on cross-platforms, it is crucial for organizations to acquire skillful expertise having an edge to provide them with a delightful native experience. Our experienced team of Flutter app developers can help you to build and develop feature-rich, scalable mobile apps as per your business requirements.

Why Flutter is the better choice for multifaceted mobile app

  • Future-ready apps
  • Faster time-to-market
  • User-first UI & UX
  • Exceptional features
  • Smart architecture
  • Smooth integration
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Less coding
  • Native performance
  • Improved scalability
  • Test-driven development
  • Quicker debugging

Why choose Softweb Solutions for your Flutter app development project

Softweb Solutions helps enterprises to develop a top-quality cross-platform app to enhance automation and process management. Hire our experienced Flutter app developers to create enterprise-grade mobile apps. Your enterprise can realize the following benefits by working with our extremely trustworthy and unparalleled Flutter mobile app developers.

  • projectA dedicated in-house team of experts
  • projectExpressive user interfaces and flexible engagement models
  • projectComprehensive mobile app development services
  • projectOn-time project delivery with assured quality
  • projectContinuous maintenance support
  • projectClear and responsive UI designs
  • projectAgile methodologies and custom approach
  • projectDetailed documentation and project analysis

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I choose Flutter over native app development?

Flutter follows the “write once, run anywhere” approach while native technologies abide by the “write twice, run twice” approach. So, Flutter significantly reduces the time taken for development along with developments expenses. Also, maintaining a native app is time-consuming and difficult while maintaining a Flutter app is quite easier and efficient.

With the Flutter app development framework, you can reduce the time-to-market (TTM) and reach a wider target audience. It can help you to fasten the development process for your business apps. Also, the introduction of Dart 2.2 SDK in Flutter can help you improve the performance to compile codes of your business apps.

The Hot Reload feature in Flutter can help you in fixing bugs faster. In the case of native app development, bug fixing takes much more time and often leads to rebuilding the entire project. Using Flutter, you can reduce the code size as it self-contains all assets to avoid size concerns.

So, by choosing the Flutter cross-platform framework over native app development, you can save a lot of your time and money. Overall, the Flutter app development framework can help you to build state-of-the-art apps in a fast and hassle-free way.

2. What are the main benefits of using Flutter in mobile app development?

There are several advantages of using Flutter for your mobile app development projects. Flutter clearly stands out in the cross-platform app market and is well-known as one of the most powerful app development frameworks. From the perspective of a developer, these are some of the crucial benefits of Flutter:

  • Faster and more dynamic mobile app development
  • Easier and faster to customize the existing widgets
  • Create applications for six different platforms simultaneously
  • Less testing time and faster quality assurance process
  • Reduced development time and development costs
  • Supports accessibility and internationalization
  • Faster time-to-market (TTM) by quicker app release
  • The quick learning curve as it takes less than 30 minutes to set up
  • Provides great editor integrations like VSCCode, Emacs, or Intellij
  • Cleaner development process and cross-platform consistency

Flutter has many more advantages for development teams and small to large businesses. This cross-platform application development framework is quickly becoming a demanding mobile app development framework because of its many benefits.

3. What type of apps can be built with Flutter?

With the help of Flutter app development, you can create apps for multiple platforms with a single codebase. It can help you to create apps on these platforms simultaneously – iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Web, Google’s Fuschia and Linux.

Flutter allows you to create an attractive and interactive app to render brand-first designs. In a nutshell, with the help of Flutter, you can create feature-rich apps of any genre such as gaming apps, on-demand apps, exerting ML in apps, etc.

So, being a feature-rich app development framework, a lot of brands are using Flutter to build their modern apps. Let us see some of the popular apps built using Flutter:

  • Google Ads
  • eBay Motors
  • Reflectly
  • SpaceX Go
  • MyBMW
  • Xianyu App
  • Hamilton Musical
  • Birch Finance
  • Hookle
  • Grab
  • Plant Buddy
  • My Leaf

4. Is it too expensive to develop an application in Flutter?

The cost estimation of developing an app depends on several factors like the complexity of features, designing, maintenance and support, integrations and more.

Developing a mobile app using Flutter would cost roughly half the price of developing a small app with basic features natively. The cross-platform approach is much more cost-efficient than native app development.

Also, Flutter apps generally require less maintenance and hence you can maintain your business apps with a minimal budget. So, be it an MVP (Minimum Viable Product) or a full-blown app on Google or iOS, Flutter could comparatively bring down the app development and maintenance expenses up to 60% in your business.

5. How much time does it take to develop an application using Flutter?

The time taken to create an app that works on both iOS and Android using Flutter depends on several factors, including the complexity of an app, requirement type, etc. The app development journey has different stages and it requires different time slots. The different stages involved in developing an app using Flutter include:

  • Forming ideas
  • Design sprints
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment on stores

The ability of Flutter to build apps on multiple platforms with a single codebase can enable you to save a lot of development time. Because you will be developing a cross-platform app using Flutter, you will be able to skip the first stage of making complicated decisions. Flutter is a great tool for developers and businesses who want to develop a time-effective solution.

6. May I know your flutter developer’s expertise and industry experience?

Softweb Solutions is a leading mobile and web app development company with expertise in designing next-generation applications using Flutter app development. Using Flutter, we help modern enterprises to build dynamic feature-rich apps on mobile, desktop and web from a single codebase.

Having years of experience, we can help small to large businesses to build top-quality mobile apps on cross-platforms and provide a delightful experience. Our Flutter development services include:

  • Flutter consulting services
  • Cross-platform app development
  • Advanced and native app development
  • Flutter app design services
  • Flutter app upgrade
  • Continuous maintenance support

Softweb Solutions is a full-stack web development company dedicated to designing and implementing Flutter applications. Our development approach ensures that our clients receive extremely versatile and secure Flutter solutions.

7. Can I migrate my existing app into Flutter?

Yes, you can migrate your existing business apps to the Flutter platform without making any amendments to them. You can easily convert your native app to Flutter by integrating Flutter as a module or a library. Some of the use-cases showcasing when you should consider transforming your existing apps to Flutter are as follows:

  • When you are completely redesigning an existing app in either Android or iOS
  • When you are completely releasing an update due to technical issues
  • When you are adding a new feature to your apps to make them fully functional

By migrating your legacy business apps to Flutter, the look and feel of your apps will remain the same (if you wish to keep it the same) with added benefits of a true cross-platform. But the main agenda of migrating legacy apps to Flutter is to create beautiful, feature-rich apps to stay ahead of the curve. It will also help you to deliver the most valuable features to your customers or end-users.

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Softweb Solutions is a full stack web development company dedicated to designing and implementing Flutter applications. Our development approach ensures that our clients receive extremely versatile and secure Flutter solutions.

Build cross-platform apps with Flutter’s flexibility and versatility.

We can help you to develop agile applications that are dynamic and rich in functionality.

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