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Organizations require the ability to access, evaluate and comprehend heterogeneous data to gain valuable insights. As a proficient Tableau development service provider, Softweb Solutions can help you to:

  • Inspect data requirements thoroughly
  • Create a comprehensive success plan
  • Strengthen actionable insights capabilities

We offer Tableau managed services for complex and demanding Tableau installation tasks. This will help you focus on performing more business-critical IT tasks for your business’ success.

Our Tableau consulting services transforms your data practices

Tableau strategy planningWe provide expert guidance and strategic planning to optimize your Tableau implementation, enabling data-driven decision-making and maximizing the value of your Tableau investment.
Data flow setupWe seamlessly integrate and set up data flow in Tableau, enabling you to efficiently process, transform, and visualize your data for improved analytics and reporting.
Tableau tuningWe fine-tune and optimize the performance of your Tableau environment, improving speed, responsiveness, and scalability. This results in faster insights and a seamless user experience.
Tableau Ad hoc servicesGet on-demand Tableau expertise and support for project needs, troubleshooting, ad hoc analysis, and custom solutions to address unique data challenges.
Dashboard customizationOur expert customizes Tableau dashboards to create visually appealing and user-friendly data visualizations that convey insights and support decision-making.
End-to-end Tableau guidanceGet step-by-step assistance and consultation throughout your Tableau journey, from setup to advanced analytics, to leverage Tableau’s full potential for data-driven success.

Few of the custom Tableau implementation solutions

Order analysis

Tableau dashboard helps in identifying city-wise orders, orders by category and subcategory, and sales of individual items in different quarters – allowing sales teams to take prompt action on a specific subcategory in a particular city.

Healthcare Analytics

This healthcare Tableau dashboard enables healthcare organizations to understand patient visit patterns, wait times, number of patients during weekdays and weekends and more. Healthcare professionals can gain visibility into patient data and offer better treatment to improve patient satisfaction.

Sales and profit

With state-by-state profits and performance of top customers – sales teams can identify trends and opportunities, and take effective actions.

Sales seasonality

Make informed decisions by combining data from sales, profit, orders and monthly trends into a single insightful Tableau dashboard with subcategory and quarter-wise heatmaps – allowing companies to take goal-oriented actions.

Quick start your Tableau journey

Explore the ‘gold standard’ products through our Tableau software consulting for visual analytics

Tableau Desktop

We offer instant actionable insights with the self-service visual analytics and interactive dashboards offered by Tableau Desktop.

Tableau Prep

Our Tableau experts make your data ready for action with Tableau Prep – combine, shape and clean your raw data from various sources for better analysis.

Tableau Online

Easily share and collaborate data with your teams, partners and customers without having to manage a server – all in the cloud with Tableau Online.

Tableau Server

If you need heavy lifting and higher security, upgrading to Tableau Server helps you to share files across the organization. Empower your business with faster access to data.

success story

Implementing data engineering solution for an EV charging station company

Softweb Solutions leveraged their advanced data analytics expertise to revolutionize the company’s EV charging station operations, resulting in greater efficiency and proactivity. The customer was able to optimize their operations and stay ahead of competitors in the rapidly expanding electric vehicle market.

Frequently asked questions

How can Tableau’s data analytics services transform my business strategy?

Tableau’s data analytics services empower businesses to unlock valuable insights, make informed data-driven decisions, and drive strategic growth.

Can Tableau handle large volumes of data effectively for my business?

Absolutely! Tableau is designed to handle massive datasets seamlessly, enabling your business to analyze and visualize extensive data with ease.

What are the benefits of working with a Tableau consulting firm?

Partnering with a Tableau consulting firm provides expertise in maximizing the value of Tableau, customizing solutions to meet your business needs, and gaining insights through advanced data analytics services.

How can a Tableau consulting firm help in customizing Tableau services?

A Tableau consulting firm specializes in tailoring Tableau services to fit your specific requirements, ensuring customized data visualizations, dashboards, and analytics that align with your business goals.

What advantages do data analytics services offered by a Tableau consulting firm bring to businesses?

Data analytics services provided by a Tableau consulting firm enable businesses to leverage the power of data, gain actionable insights, make informed decisions, and drive performance improvements.

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